Malfunctioning of electrical components can happen anytime. In some cases, it leads to electrical fires. If you come across such a scenario, hire electricians in Leicestershire immediately. They know the common reasons behind this occurrence and come up with appropriate solutions. Electrical fires spread rapidly and compromise the safety of individuals. They cause huge damage to lives and properties.

Causes of Electric Fires

There are several reasons behind the occurrence of electric fires. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Defective sockets and outlets
  2. Improper light fittings and fixtures
  3. Increased use of portable heaters
  4. Extension leads
  5. Outdated wiring
  6. Faulty electrical appliances

4 Tips to Prevent Electric Fires

When there is a sudden occurrence of electric fires, you need to call a professional without giving a second. Thereafter, the experts perform certain operations to ensure everything is in the right place:

  • Check electrical wiring: It’s a good decision to have your wiring checked after 2-3 years. Electrical wiring doesn’t last forever. So, checking the wiring will help you prevent unfortunate incidents like electrical fires. During the inspection, you can ask the electrician about your property’s wiring type and status. Usually, aluminium wiring is more prone to fires. If the wiring is old, worn out, or tattered, you should replace it. Repairing is also a good option, but that depends on the extent of damage.
  • Never overload outlets: Each outlet in the electrical circuit has a certain capacity it can handle. So, you should be careful while plugging in several appliances to a single outlet. In this case, it’s recommended to use a surge processor. This processor will assess your electricity usage at large.
  • Put flammable objects away from outlets: Never put any flammable material like rugs, towels, and bedding near the outlet and other hot appliances like irons and space heaters. You should also focus on the storage location of flammable liquids. Keep these liquids away from outlets to prevent electrical fires. Hire electricians to get more insights in this regard. 
  • Don’t ignore flickering and sparks: If you hear a buzzing sound from the outlet or flickering lights, take action immediately. Here, chances are high that there are electrical issues in your property. If you don’t pay attention to it, electrical fires may arise at times.

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