Over the years, you may have noticed a steep decline in the air quality of cities worldwide. The most common reason for this environmental hazard is the increased use of fossil fuel-operated cars. To address this concern, several car manufacturers have shifted to producing electric cars.

The Popularity of Electric Vehicles:

Due to their zero emissions and easy manoeuvrability, electric vehicles have become an instant hit among people. You can charge the car at home instead of negotiating long queues at a fuel station. To cater to the needs of EV users, many public and private organisations have started installing electric car chargers in Rutland.

Guide for Efficient Electric Car Charging:

Whether you fuel your electric car at home or at public charging stations, you should consider some crucial elements. Remembering these will help you charge your vehicle conveniently. You can find more about this in the following section.

  • Monitor the Charging Process: Ensure you do not charge the car beyond its maximum capability. Most manufacturers advise disconnecting the charger once the battery levels hit 80%. Charging beyond this level regularly can reduce its longevity and performance.
  • Follow the Safety Guides: As the user, you should prioritise following appropriate EV charging procedures. Avoid tampering with any charging or safety equipment. This will help prevent dangerous accidents and allow you to use the charging station to its full potential.
  • Choose a Higher Output Charger: If you are always in a rush and tend to charge the vehicle moments before going out, you must invest in high-output chargers. Select a Level-3 charger or a public charging station. It will take less time to charge your car battery fully. However, avoid excessive fast charging. It can impact the battery health and compromise the performance of your car.
  • Optimise Energy Efficiency: Whether you use an electric car charger at home or in public, pay attention to the charging etiquette. Use the charger in a way that promotes greater energy efficiency. This practice promotes effective vehicle charging and contributes greatly to saving the planet.

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